Forum Rules. All Users Must Read Before Posting!

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Forum Rules. All Users Must Read Before Posting!

-Linking to affiliate and/or referral sites is ALWAYS prohibited. (This includes sites such as Swagbucks, Lockerz, Prizerebel, etc.).
- You may not promote any site in your signature. (Does not Apply to Admins).
- Signature links must be to or links only.
- Posting Links in anyway is spam unless you are helping another person out or offering them a guide/fix for something, etc. You know what spam is.

2. Cursing should be kept to a minimal amount. No Racism, etc.

3. Be sure to search for your topic before asking it with the search bar- your questions may have been asked already.

4. Give credit to those that deserve it for the content you post on the forum. If this rule is broken, the first time, it will result in a deleted post and a warning. Second offense, post deletion and a 24-hour banning of your account. Third offense, forever banned.

5. Respect our admins, who work hard to delete spam and protect the forum.

6. Don't overreact to a post. If someone is a new member, just let them know whats up, and be willing to help.

7. Keep the content you post gauged for people under the age of 18. (Rule Broken-you are banned).

8. Respect Everyone Posting. You all deserve to be here- this is meant to be a help to everyone.
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